Holland Freight on saturdays?

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Holland Freight on saturdays?

Berichtdoor hollis11 » 29 Jan 2015, 11:12

Hello, sorry I don't speak any Dutch

im going to Holland soon on a saturday and would like to know where is the best place to see freight locos (moving or stabled) on a saturday, I would like to see a Class 66 but also any other diesel and electric locos Holland has,

i have been told Zwijndrecht is a good place for freight, Can anyone tell me anywhere else where freight it good?



Hallo, sorry dat ik niet spreken geen Engels

im going naar Nederland binnenkort op een zaterdag en zou graag willen weten waar is de beste plek om vracht locos zien (bewegende of stal ) op een zaterdag , ik zou graag een Class 66 zien, maar also elke andere diesel- en elektrische locomotieven Holland heeft ,

Ik heb verteld Zwijndrecht is een goede plek voor het goederenvervoer , Kan iemand mij vertellen ergens anders waar het goederenvervoer het goed?


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Re: Holland Freight on saturdays?

Berichtdoor Bruno » 29 Jan 2015, 19:19

Hi Ryan,

Most freight trains drives on the corridors Kijfhoek - Emmerich (the "Betuweroute") and Kijfhoek - Venlo.
Kijfhoek - Venlo was an important corridor until the "Betuweroute" opens in 2007.
When you take a visit to Zwijndrecht you will see some freight trains for sure, but it could be a little bit disappointing in comparison with a few years ago.
Other lines with a few freight trains a day are Kijfhoek – Amersfoort - Bad Bentheim and Amsterdam – Emmerich.
On the website RolandRail (http://rolandrail.net/drgl/dltdr.html) you could find some timetables of Dutch freight trains. Please note that those timetables are theoretical, trains could be cancelled, delayed a few hours or drive earlier.
Explanation of the abbreviations used in the timetable you could find at http://rolandrail.net/drgl/afko.htm.
Two years ago I made a list of all freight trains passing Zwijndrecht. You could find this list at http://spoorpunt.nl/Passeerlijst_Zwd_Ddzd.pdf but please note that it isn’t actual however there isn’t changed a lot.
When you especially look for class 66 loco’s, they are operated by Captrain, Crossrail, Rurtalbahn and RheinCargo at this moment. A few saturday-trains which are mostly hauled by a class 66:
Captrain 47715 Essen (Belgium) 09.08 Roosendaal 09.17 Kijfhoek 09.59
Captrain 49526 Emmericht 11.57 Kijfhoek 13.00/13.42 Maasvlakte 14.42
RheinCargo 41785 Maasvlakte RSC 17.42 Maasvlakte 18.12/18.27 Kijfhoek 19.24
RheinCargo 47710 Emmerich 14.49 Arnhem 15.21 Utrecht 16.34 Amsterdam 17.15
RheinCargo 48506 Emmerich 12.52 Arnhem 13.21 Utrecht 15.34 Amsterdam 16.15
RheinCargo 48507 Maasvlakte 7.27 Kijfhoek 8.24/8.34 Emmerich 10.24
RheinCargo 48507 Emmerich 21.02 Kijfhoek 22.32
RheinCargo 48518 Emmerich 18.01 Utrecht 19.34 Amsterdam 20.15
RheinCargo 49700 Emmerich 7.13 Kijfhoek 8.40/9.00 Maasvlakte 9.59
RheinCargo 49701 Maasvlakte 14.48 Kijfhoek 15.44
Please note that the RheinCargo trains are often hauled by a Traxx DE instead of a class 66.

Good luck!

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